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What is 10DLC?

Carriers developed 10DLC regulations to help eliminate spam and clean up SMS. The newest standards for text messaging, these rules help turn texting into a commercially viable channel.

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Why is 10DLC important?

The benefits include higher SMS deliverability, higher message volume, cost savings on short code, and an extended longevity for the performance of SMS as a performance channel.

Although the benefits are great, brands risk discontinued service or fines of up to 10k if they fail to register properly or abide by 10DLC campaign rules.

The 10DLC Guide: What you need to know
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How we help:

We keep you compliant.

From number registration to delivery, we help manage compliance.

We help keep carriers happy.

Avoid fines and service disruptions from carriers.

We track and stay on top of 10DLC.

As you build campaigns, our product flags compliance issues.

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