Respond Flow is now Volt

Built on compliance and transparency, Volt protects brands and delivers a positive, authentic experience.

Tulsa, OK— Dec, 7, 2021— Respond Flow, the only SMS platform built on the backbone of compliance, today announced it has changed its name to Volt. Launched in 2019, Respond Flow was founded to help companies manage the complexities of large-scale text messaging and confidently connect 1-on-1 with customers. 

As texting regulations take hold, Volt helps companies meet compliance standards, while raising the bar for SMS conversions. Companies using Volt’s platform on average realize an impressive 97% delivery rate and 52% engagement rate. These success metrics are reflected in the company’s tremendous growth in 2021, with a 125% increase in revenue, $3.7 million fundraise, and 3-fold increase in the size of the Volt team.

“2021 has been a productive and high-growth year for our company and we are excited to cap it off with our rebrand to Volt.,” said Martin Lien, Co-founder and CEO of Volt.  “Under this new flagship brand, we look forward  to continuing to support customers with the highest level of brand protection to deliver positive, authentic texting experiences.”

In 2021, U.S. carriers implemented 10DLC regulations to help eliminate spam and clean up SMS. 10DLC regulations are a positive step in the right direction for better business texting.  However brands that fail to comply with these regulations can face compounding fines of up to $10,000 and reduced or discontinued service. 

With built-in 10DLC checks, Volt’s messaging platform is designed from the bottom up to increase deliverability, and help users avoid fines and service disruptions.  By embracing the future of clean text messaging, Volt empowers companies to confidently connect with customers through SMS, building lifelong relationships. 

About Volt

Volt is a leading SMS platform built on compliance to help companies confidently connect with their customers. Volt steers users through the complexities of at scale texting, shortening sales cycles, increasing conversion rates, and building lifelong customer relationships. Visit for more information.